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Marketers Guide to Improve User Acquisition: Analytics to Track

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How to improve your drip campaigns' performance

Inbound user acquisition is the process of converting visitors of your web- and blog pages into leads by asking their contact information. After that, you manage to convert them into users by giving them educational content and offering your trial to them.

In order to be able to get more sign-ups for your trial, you need to track the user acquisition analytics that truly matters in your drip campaigns.

List Building Boosts your User Acquisition in the Long Run

Big percent of your website and blog page visitors can’t be converted into trial users right away. Therefore your first task is to write free giveaways, ebooks, offer free email training courses.

Email list building is one of the most effective steps to acquire many more users. Maybe not right away, but in the long run, it will boost your user acquisition, analytics will prove that the ROI of this channel is better than any other channel.

A good “hook” offers a solution to an ultra-specific pain point of your prospects so it provides high-perceived value. This will be the incentive that makes them give you their contact information and also give you permission to send them emails.

One of the best ways is an email course that shows and teaches them something that is connected to your solution.

In addition, one of the best channels to collect subscribers is using pop-ups on your blog and web pages. Don’t be too irritating but setting up services like Optimonk you will have the chance to offer targeted ebooks, training sessions or consultations to your visitors based on their behavior.

Handle your Automated Emails as they were sent from your Personal Email Account

As you managed to convert your visitors into leads, the next step is to send them the well-known welcome emails. You should also set up reminders and follow-up emails to nurture them and push them to the next level in your email marketing funnel.

One of the most difficult parts of this process is copywriting and how to convince them to open it, click the right link and do what you want them to do. This guide summarizes how to write autoresponder series.

In addition, if you don’t want to write your emails from scratch, you can take advantage of these proven email copies that help you get started.

7 Drip Campaign Metrics that are Crucial to Improving your User Acquisition Analytics

Like you would do for every marketing campaign, you have to know how your workflows and how your emails perform individually too.

Overall workflow analytics to compare the efficiency

In case you have more drip campaigns it is crucial to get a quick overview of how they perform one by one. If you see extreme values for a drip it will show you where you need to improve or where you need to copy&paste your procedure.

1. Check the overall unique open rate of your workflows.

If you see a very good or very bad rate here for a workflow, you know that your subject lines are not good or you should use more of them in your other workflows as well. In this example, you see a big drop for the 4th automation. So there could be subject line problems for the emails but you also need to keep in mind what type of emails you are sending in that specific workflow: in this example, these are sales emails.

How to improve your drip campaigns' performance
Overall Open Rate of your drip campaigns

2. Track the merged click rate of your workflow.

The emails you send in this drip can have good or bad body copies, images or CTAsFrom this point of view, I can see that the second workflow has an outstanding click rate for the emails that are included. It is wise to check how it is possible: is it the body copy, the images or the CTAs?

In addition, the 4th email has a big problem with click rates. It is a sales email but still, it is bad – needs improvement not only with subject lines but with body copy and/or CTAs too.

3. Always get a look at the merged unsubscription rate of your drip campaigns.

If you see a higher value somewhere it might mean that your messages are not relevant!

How to improve your drip campaigns' performance
Overall Unsubscription Rate of your drip campaigns

4. Always know the number of contacts that are active or finished each drip.

The previously mentioned metrics are not valid if you don’t have enough leads that reacted to your emails. Also, knowing the active leads prevent you from spamming them with bulk emails or sending them to other active automations.

How to improve your drip campaigns' performance
Overall Contact number of your drip campaigns

The first and third automations’ have higher unsubscription rates. It is difficult to identify why but it is possible that one email in that drip campaign is responsible for that value or maybe I need to simply send emails not so frequently.

Drip email analytics to intervene and improve

If you see a drip campaign that has a metric that seems to be problematic, dig deeper. You identified a bottleneck, the time has come to intervene and improve your metrics and all in all increase your user acquisition analytics.

1. Check your emails unique open rates one-by-one.

You should see a slow drop in your metrics as you send your follow-up emails – that’s natural. But if you see an email with much lower open rate than the other ones, you should check its subject line and modify it.

How to improve your drip campaigns' performance
Unique Open Rate of your automated emails

In this example, the open rate is continuously decreasing. It can be natural, this usually happens for every follow-up but you can always be better.

2. Analyze your emails’ unique click rates too.

If you see a very low number, you should test your body copy, images or CTAs.

How to improve your drip campaigns' performance
Unique Click Rate of your automated emails

In this example, the second email click rate is even lower than the third one. That is bad! Something happened in that email so it is needed to dig deeper and check the email itself: whether the problem stems in the body copy, the images or CTA.

3. Always track the unsubscription rates for each drip emails.

If an email has higher unsubscription rate it means that you send emails too frequently until this one, or the topic is not truly relevant. Also, there could be some kind of misunderstanding with your email. Interpreting this type of data is the most difficult but you have to try it and dig even deeper.

How to improve your drip campaigns' performance
Unique Unsubscription Rate of your automated emails

This example shows that the first emails’ unsubscription rate is too high. We need to understand the reason that might take a little time or maybe it is wise to reach out to people who unsubscribed and ask them why they did it – at least we can learn from them.

How to Improve the Effectiveness of your Drip Emails?

A/B testing is one of the best solutions for testing your bulk emails. But what is the situation with drip campaigns?

The difference between your newsletters and automated emails is that your contacts receive the second one automatically and not at the same time but after they subscribed on a web page.

It is proven, that for ongoing tests like testing drip campaigns the best solution is to use multi-armed bandit algorithms to optimize it.

Unfortunately, not a lot of email marketing software offer this solution to their users. It is surprising how easy it is: you just need to set up the email variations you would like to test after you found the metric you would like to test. After you finished it you just turn on the algorithm and it will do the testing automatically for you without any need for manual intervention.

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