How to Hack your Drip Campaigns to send Personalized Content and Save Time

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Using personalized content in drip campaigns is very important.  It will increase your open and click-through rates and create higher engaged lead, users and more loyal customers.

But still, it is really time-consuming and boring. I show you a hack that can save you a lot of time if you want to send personalized content in your drip campaigns.

Why is personalized content a big deal?

Especially in B2C but in B2B, content personalization is very effective. According to KissMetrics’s report, 48% of companies have personalized content claim that it is effective and 32% say it is very effective (compared to not personalized contents). The question which level of personalization is the best?

DemandMetric categorized personalized content to these types:

  • Segment-specific
  • Persona-specific
  • Stage-specific
  • Account-specific
  • Lead-specific

According to their report, the best performing personalization types are segment and persona specific personalization – although the best practice is to spread the content personalization efforts to more areas simultaneously to create synergy.

Segmentation and buyer personas

Therefore you should start with two things to successfully create personalized content:

  1. Segment your market
  2. Create buyer personas

I suppose market segmentation is already done and if you don’t know how to create one, read this article on buyer personas.

By segmenting your market and creating different buyer personas, you will be able to divide your communication activities according to these segmentation types. You can write content for a specific:

  • industry
  • buyer
  • buyer persona in a specific industry

Why should you use personalized content in drip campaigns?


Lead nurturing has one rule that will decrease your customer acquisition cost (CAC), increase the lifetime value of your customer (LTV) and establish great relationships: Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Personalized content is the medium that fulfills the message part but how you can send it at the right time to the right person?

You can try to do it manually but you will certainly fail – as it is a very time-consuming task. Personalization requires automation because you need to do it at a large scale. There is no personalized content without automation.

Drip campaigns are great for scaling up your communication and send contents at the right time to the right person. This is the tool that will let you harness the power of personalized content.

How to save time with personalization?

Save time

But setting up your automated email sending workflows can be very time-consuming. You need to set up lots of drip campaigns for every segments and buyer personas although these follow-up emails are almost the same but the first few paragraphs are different usually.

So here is a solution that could save you lots of time.

Examples case: send 2 drip campaigns to 2 buyer personas

Let’s say you have 2 buyer personas. You want them to get an email that has similar contents in it but the first 2 paragraphs are different for every buyer persona.

It’s because you want to emphasize different benefits of your product for the 2 different buyer personas but the in the end of the day you describe the same product:

  • Buyer persona 1: benefit A (first paragraph) and benefit B (second paragraph) + sales text
  • Buyer persona 2: benefit C (first paragraph) and benefit D (second paragraph) + sales text

So if you don’t want to save time, you set up 2 different workflows: 1 for Buyer persona 1, 1 for Buyer persona 2. If the drip campaigns consist of 3 emails, you need to write 6 emails. (Imagine if you have more buyer personas and you take into account the industry segments too… how many workflows and emails you have to create?)

In bulk email sending, you can have dynamic content: if a contact is on segment A, he sees the A block if a contact is on segment B, he sees the B block.

But now we are talking about drip campaigns that can be completely independent of segments.

How to set up your drip campaigns to save time for yourself?

In this situation, you just need to use “Custom fields” with different “Custom values”.

Normally custom fields match a form field (for example name, company, email address, etc.) When your lead subscribes on your form, they give you their name and email address, for example, therefore you can send them emails (manually or automatically) and use their custom values (in this example, name) to personalize your email.

So if he gives you this name: “John Doe”, you will be able to answer to him with this name (that is automatically inserted into the email).

But there is the another way to use custom fields. You can create persona specific custom fields and add the relevant values to the relevant contact.

Therefore, you can automatically insert the right paragraph for every buyer persona to every email.

Steps to take:

  1. Create a hidden field for each form you generate leads with and insert “Buyer Persona 1” and “Buyer Persona 2” texts to the correspondent forms. It means, if you promote an ebook for “Buyer Persona 1”, you need to add a hidden field and write the relevant paragraphs of your email body. (In Unbounce for example, you can easily create a hidden form and setup a default value with your relevant text.)
  2. Create a custom field for example with name “Buyer Persona Paragraph” in your automation system (we show it in Automizy).
    custom field: buyer persona paragraphs
  3. Connect the form with your automation software and match the hidden field of the form with your custom field (“Buyer Persona Paragraph”). (In Automizy it is simple as you can use our integration.)
  4. Insert the custom field into the first part of your email, where you want the personalized content appears:
    personalized content in email

And it will send the right message with the right content to the right person at the right time!

What’ve you achieved doing this?

  • You have to setup only 1 drip campaign for EVERY buyer persona or segment you want to personalize your content for. You will handle everything with one workflow.
  • In addition, you have to use only 1 email copy. No tons of email variations in your system.
  • And it will be guaranteed that you send the intended message, to the right people at the right time.