7 Restaurant Email Marketing Strategies to Win Customers

7 Restaurant Email Marketing Strategies to Win Customers7 Restaurant Email Marketing Strategies to Win Customers

With the existence of Chilli’s to Pizza Hut and tens of other global restaurant brands, it is becoming more difficult for a small business to compete and gain loyal customers. While media and street advertising are still expensive, email marketing is still a small-businesses best friend. As a restaurant owner or manager, your ultimate goal […]

13+ Christmas Newsletter Ideas & Examples (55 Subject Line Included)

As we head towards the most magical time of the year, email marketers are squeezing their heads thinking what Christmas newsletter idea would stand out. It is Christmas season, and for every business it an opportunity to catch up and reach your yearly sales goals. To realize that you need catchy email subject lines to […]

31 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples (+21 Subject lines)

31 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples featured image

Some product launch dates are marked in our calendar and get us hyped, and others we never hear of or even care for.It is all related to the product announcement. A great product launch would trigger our desire, curiosity, and interest. How is it done?Follow me in this guide where I share with you: What […]

12 Re-engagement Email Campaign Examples (+29 Subject Lines)

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Let’s admit it, we all have an email list we subscribed for but we are never active or show them interest. It is just a fact from every email inbox. But as an email marketer, you shouldn’t accept the fact that some contacts lose touch. Instead, you MUST wake the sleeping contacts in your mailing […]

19 Ways to Design Your Valentine’s Day Emails (+53 Subject Lines)

19 Ways to Design Your Valentine's Day Emails featured image

In the world of email marketing, special occasions are about: more customer engagement and sales. Since Valentine’s day is around the corner, email marketers are putting their heads crafting lovey-dovey killer Valentine’s Day email campaign ideas. So this Valentine’s is going to be about BAE: Business And Entrepreneurship ? To get inspired for your Valentine’s […]

How to Implement Email Marketing for a B2B company [Step-by-Step]

implement email marketing

Do you use email marketing at your company? Are you utilizing this fundamental way of bringing in more new leads and customers and keep existing clients? I see lots of smaller B2B companies not taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that new tools offer. Not applying marketing channels with high return on investment (ROI) can […]

8 Must-Have Skills for Professional Email Marketers

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At first glance, email marketing seems simple. But, as you dig deeper and try to enhance your campaigns you can stumble upon challenging areas. So, an email marketer must have a diverse skill set to manage these challenges and stay ahead of the curve. Strategic Thinking Email marketing is a channel focused on emails. Still, it […]

14+ Sites to Improve your Email Marketing Skills

email marketing skills

Over the years email has been considered “dead” many times.  But, with an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent email marketing is still the most effective channels of communication with your customers. So, improving your skills in this area pays off BIG TIME. And to help you with that I collected and categorized the […]