5 Subscription Confirmation & Double Opt-In Emails How to Set It Up featured image Automizy blog post

5 Subscription Confirmation & Double Opt-In Emails | How to Set It Up

Promoting an email newsletter on your website for your visitors to subscribe to, is a smart way to grow your email list.

But ... 

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7 Types of Registration Confirmation Emails And Subject Line Examples

People would register for your event or sign up for your product and still carry an endless amount of questions.

These ... 

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Thank you emails featured image

15 Types of Thank you Emails to Customers (30 Subject lines included)

Since the tangible aspect is missing for online business, online customers love when their shopping experience feel personal.

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17 Inspiring Confirmation Email Examples and how to set them up Automizy blog article featured image

17 Best Confirmation Email Examples & How to Set Them Up

Imagine buying something online and not receiving a confirmation email. 😱 You might have reactions.

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31 Product Launch Email Examples and Subject Lines featured image

31 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples (+44 Subject lines)

Some product launch dates are marked in our calendar and get us hyped, ... 

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Turn Oops into Hurray blog post automizy featured image

Turn Oops into Hurray: How and When to Send Apology Emails

Making mistakes, that is something we’re all good at.

But what to do when you screw up an email?

We’ve put together ... 

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19 Ways to Design Your Valentine's Day Emails featured image

19 Ways to Design Your Valentine’s Day Emails (+105 Subject Lines)

In the world of email marketing, special occasions are about: more customer engagement and sales.


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