Email Bounce Codes: How to Reduce Soft & Hard Email Bounce Rates

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Months of preparing the products and services, and then you send emails to inform your contacts but it gets bounced. Woah! What frustration. Each bounce means your reader won’t learn about what you wanted them to see. If you’re promoting a $100 product, not reaching 20 contacts is the equivalent of $2000. That is a […]

How To Win More Customers with Travel & Hospitality Email Marketing

Trying to compete in the travel and hospitality industry is challenging.  In order to convert more leads into customers, retain existing ones, and position your business properly, you need to take travel agency email marketing seriously.  In the digital world, we live in today, online platforms can be a great resource to help drive your […]

Small Business Email Marketing: 11 Tips, Automations & 5 Software

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Deciding on what to spend your marketing budget isn’t an easy decision to make. And the ultimate question you might be asking yourself, “What would cost less and generate higher revenue? As a small business, you’d need to keep new customers flowing, while maintaining a strong relationship with your existing ones. That would cost much? […]

5 Things Good Email Marketers Never Do

5 things good email marketers never do

Email is one of the most powerful mediums to engage your audience. People today depend on their inboxes as a repository of information, both from personal contacts and brands alike.  Inboxes are searchable, and because so many email platforms offer practically infinite amounts of storage these days, you almost never have to delete anything. For example, […]