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How to Focus When You’re Overwhelmed By Marketing Options | Guest Post

Marketing is what takes our business ideas and delivers them to our customers. In that way, your approach to marketing is what determines whether or not you’ll be successful in business.

That puts a lot of pressure on someone who is trying to figure ... 

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39+ Actionable B2B Lead Generation Examples featured image

39+ B2B Lead Generation Ideas, Campaign Examples & Best Practices

Imagine having a list of 5000 people who showed interest in your product and service. You have their email address, name, company name, and phone number and they gave you permission to reach out to them.

Now that you imagined your business heaven of ... 

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hacks for quality lead generation

10 Important Hacks for Quality Lead Generation | Guest Post

Before we begin, let’s cover some basics on lead generation for those in the dark. A lead is essentially a person who’s shown interest in your products or services, and lead generation is the process of generating leads — you attract ... 

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validate your product idea

How to Validate Your Product Idea Using 3 Tools

Making sure there’s demand for your product before starting to build it is crucial. You don’t want to dump your energy and resources into a product that no one needs or is just nice to have. That’s why ... 

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improve copywriting

10 Awesome Tools to Help You Improve Your Copywriting

According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing in their strategies. And we all know that effective content marketing requires lots of a quality copy.

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blogs saas founders ceos

The 6 Best Blogs for SaaS Founders and CEOs

In this age we’re living in there are crazy amounts of content floating around. Take YouTube for example 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube ... 

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knowledge base

Why a Knowledge Base Is Important for Internal Coordination Among Inbound Marketers | Guest Post

Knowledge base tools do so much more than help create online documentation. They are used for collaborative work, for helping customers solve problems or get informed, and can be used for marketing purpose as well.

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scalable growth growth hacking marketing automation

How to achieve Scalable Growth with Growth Hacking & Marketing Automation

The startup world continues to expand and it seems like companies are popping up daily. With this type of expansion, it’s only natural that there’s sort of a ‘natural selection’. And all of us who dare to hustle in this unforgiving ... 

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What you should and shouldn't automate on Social Media-

What you should and shouldn’t automate on Social Media?

The main benefit of automation is the ability to let the marketers focus on more meaningful tasks that require creativity. Rather than wasting their time doing repetitive and time-consuming ones. However, if you use automation tools to minimize ... 

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