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How to Do Welcome Emails in 2020

Strengthen Customer Relationships with a Warm Welcome


The first email your subscribers receive from you is what decides the success of your whole email marketing. You want to set off on the right foot.

Are you making a great first impression?

Welcome emails have a 91.43% open rates, being the most effective triggered email type.

Your welcome email is a critical asset to maintain a positive customer relationship with your new subscribers.

The impression your welcome message leaves has a lot to do with the buying decision your customers make. It’s when the customer relationship starts, and what keeps prospects from unsubscribing. (It sets the tone for the whole relationship.)

Join this webinar to discover key exclusive methods for creating a sustainable customer relationship throughout relevant and responsive welcome email sequences.

Knowledge is everything

What you'll Learn

How to increase your email open rate

The best performing welcome email sequences

How to create an engaging welcome email sequence

6 Ways

how this webinar helps you to improve your conversion and engagement rates:

Define what is a welcome email

Learn why welcome emails are important for your business

The elements of a good welcome email

Best welcome email examples

Top-performing welcome email subject lines

Steps to create a welcome email sequence

About the Host

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Mor Mester

Head of Marketing

Mor Mester is a skilled marketer with an in-depth knowledge of email marketing and marketing automation.

As the Head of Marketing at Automizy, he increased trial users by 200% and grew monthly website traffic from 2K to 50K in 1,5 years.

When he’s not working on marketing stats, he’s on the court working on his Basketball stats. 🏀


Of course, 90% of what we’ll share with you can be used in other email marketing software, too.

We’ll hold a question & answer at the end of the webinar.

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