Did You Know That Email Marketing Can Help You This Way?

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A while back I bumped into an old friend of mine who owns a pet shop. After a bit of small talk, she started to talk about how her business is doing. She had a webshop for a while, but just recently started off with free content offers for lead generation.

First, she followed up with each lead manually to educate and nurture them. Everything worked fine, she got loads of new customer as a result.

Driven by the results, she wanted to take it to the next level with a paid ad. The ad achieved its desired outcome and leads started to come by the dozens.

Soon, she was overwhelmed by the number of leads that needed following up. Doing it manually started to take up way too much of her time and couldn’t stay consistent.

While she was telling me this I immediately knew the answer to her problems. She got to the point where the tools and methods she used was not enough to scale her communication.

She needs to implement email marketing automation, so she can communicate effectively and focus on other parts of her business.

What’s Email Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation as more of a universal term refers to software that is able to execute marketing actions without any (or minimal) manual effort. These marketing actions can be things like posting on social media platforms, sending emails and so on.

So, Email Marketing Automation software is able to perform email marketing related tasks on autopilot, like sending emails and tagging your contacts.

With this type of software, you can drive more sales by engaging, educating and nurturing your leads and customers with practical and personalized content.

In fact, 68% of companies say that the biggest benefit of using email marketing automation is increased customer engagement.

Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing Automation

Nowadays consumers demand meaningful communication across multiple channels, touchpoints, and devices. After a certain point, keeping up with all this becomes unmanageable. So, to stay productive and consistent you have to implement email marketing automation. Otherwise, you’ll leave a lot of money on the table.

To Stay Consistent

With an email marketing automation system set up, you can relax knowing your subscribers will receive the right content at the right time.

For example, you can set up an automated follow-up email sequence for people who opted in to get your lead magnet. All of them will receive the same emails with the correct copies, images, and links in the right order. After you set it all up, you don’t need to worry about sending emails manually and double checking if everything’s all right.

To Enable Personalization

It’s one thing to be consistent in your messaging. To get real results and establish meaningful relationships with your subscribers you’ll need to personalize your emails.

And a great email marketing automation tool makes this easy for you with custom fields. All the data you know about your subscribers are stored in your system. The most general and basic example is first name personalization. When people sign up on your form and they give you their email and first name. Their name is connected to the “firstname” custom field. This means that if you put {{firstname}} in the subject line or body copy of your email the system will replace it with the first name of the recipient.

You can do this with every piece of information you have about contacts. It just needs to be connected to a relevant custom field.

Let’s stay with the lead magnet example. You came out with a new offer that’s related to that lead magnet and you’d like to reach out to the subscribers who downloaded it. But, a long time has passed since you’ve last made contact with these subscribers. You can send out the email with the new offer and you can personalize it like this:

“Hey {{firstname}},

We thought you’d be interested in our brand new Advanced Woodworking Techniques ebook because we noticed you downloaded the {{leadmagnet_name}}…”

And this is what Paul who downloaded the Beginner’s Guide to Woodworking will see:

“Hey Paul,

We thought you’d be interested in our brand new Advanced Woodworking Techniques ebook because we noticed you downloaded the Beginner’s Guide to Woodworking…”

Now that’s some powerful stuff.

To Save Time

save time

According to the Marketers vs. Machine report by Adestra, the biggest benefit of marketing automation is saving time. With 74% percent of respondents mentioning it.

Automating the repetitive and time-consuming tasks marketing emails gives you more time to focus on more important tasks. You don’t have to follow-up with every lead individually. All you need to do is set up the automations in advance. This lets you focus on other important marketing tasks like your next campaign or revising your strategy.

To Provide Valuable Data

Before you start to revise your strategy or prepare for your next campaign you need to take a good, hard look at your data.

An email marketing automation platform tracks the performance of your campaigns and the behavior of your subscribers and leads. The real benefit is when you’re able to check your most important stats and KPIs at a glance.

But, when you’re making decisions about your strategy and future campaigns you have to dig deeper. And a great email marketing software is able to provide that for you.

For email automations there are 3 levels of analytics:

  1. The overall stats of your automations
  1. The performance of your automations one-by-one
  1. The performance of individual emails in your automations

By examining these levels you can find the bottlenecks in your messaging and figure out ways to improve them.

To Nurture Your Leads

nurture your leads

Companies who automate lead nurturing with timely emails and offers see a 10% or greater increase in revenue.

The worst nightmare of modern marketers and business owners is a leaking sales funnel. As I mentioned, leads require multiple points of contact before they are ready to buy from you.

You can do this manually, but sooner or later you’ll reach a point where you won’t be able to keep up. And that’ll cause leaks in your funnels and you’ll end up leaving lots of money on the table.

With lead nurturing automations you can guide the lead’s way on the buyer journey. These automations let you provide relevant content to the lead’s stage in the buyer journey.

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To Scale Your Communication

Often, small businesses don’t have the resources to scale their communication to the level that ensures continuous growth. With limited manpower maximizing the potential of employees is crucial.

So, for your business to keep on growing you’ll need to keep your eye on scalable solutions. And email marketing automation is certainly scalable. The automations you set up, work just as well for 100 subscribers as they would for 100.000.

To Get More Out of Your CRM and Drive Sales

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software are sales, contact, and deal oriented. As the name would suggest these platforms store customer (or potential customer) information like names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and so on.

Nowadays, integrating your email marketing automation and CRM software is a part of aligning your marketing and sales teams.

Your email marketing automation can help by providing tons of information about leads for the sales team. Like where they are in your funnel, what content they’ve downloaded, how they’ve interacted with emails and so on. This information is a goldmine for a salesperson. You can a set up a lead scoring system and once a lead reaches a lead score of 100 or higher all of the contact info will be sent to the CRM and your salesperson will receive a notification, so they can take it from there.


To cap it off, let’s have another look at how email marketing automation can help you:

  1. Consistency
  2. Personalized communication
  3. Leaves time for important tasks and decisions
  4. Lots of useful data about your subscribers and leads
  5. More customers
  6. Scalable communication
  7. Aligned marketing and sales processes

Now, I’m gonna show you how to create an automation for your lead magnet offer. What’s special about this particular sequence is that it automatically resends the email with the download link to people who didn’t click on the link in the first email. Pretty awesome, right?

Take the easy steps in the video to start your own email marketing automation campaign:

Source: Automizy lead magnet follow-up automation. Build this yourself!

  1. Create a new automation, add a name that you will be able to identify later
  2. Choose the form you created for your lead magnet offer as a trigger
  3. Add a tagging action: “Leadmagnet name” (it will help you segment your contact list based on their interests)
  4. Add an email sending action and customize one of the templates
  5. You should link the main CTA to the URL where you host your lead magnet (it is usually a WordPress site).
  6. Add a “Wait for 1 day” action
  7. Add a Condition box to check whether the subscriber downloaded your lead magnet or not
  8. If yes, add a tag “leadmagnet name_downloaded” (it will help you identify highly engaged leads and send them targeted messages)
  9. If no: send the email again!
  10. Once again add a “wait for 1-day” action
  11. Add a new Condition to check whether the subscribers downloaded the lead magnet or not
  12. If yes, add a tag “leadmagnet name_downloaded”
  13. If no, add a tag “leadmagnet name_not-downloaded”

This easy-to-use automation helps you collect engagement data about your subscribers and also allows you to send emails based on behavior.

At Automizy, we make it easy for you to get started with email marketing automation, to help you maximize the conversions from your email subscribers. If you don’t have an Automizy account yet, you can register right now and try these examples for free.