marketing technology landscape 2017

How Automizy is different on the Marketing Automation Landscape in 2017?

On the May 10th Chief MarTec’s Scott Brinker released this year’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic now also know as the Martech 5000.

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Now that you have a landing page

Now That You Have a Landing Page – What’s next? | Guest Post

Landing pages have multiple functions: lead generation and nurturing, cross and upsells, and building loyalty. However, if you want results you need more landing pages: at least one for each buyer persona and their position in the Marketing ... 

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Product marketing for SaaS businesses

The most Comprehensive Guide of Product Marketing for SaaS businesses

This product marketing guide helps CMOs, customer success managers, product, email, and content marketers at SaaS companies design their products for growth.

How to choose a marketing model, how to design your product to convert more users and clients, ... 

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4 Amazingly Effective Ways to Nurture Leads for Your SaaS Business | Guest Post

If you have a sales team that feels discouraged and revenue targets that are far out of reach, you may be missing an essential element of marketing success. The common challenge at-hand: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies ... 

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kpi examples for drip campaigns

7 Must-Track KPI Examples for your Drip Campaign

Use these 7 KPI examples for your drip campaigns to increase their effectiveness. Track the value and cost of each workflow, the conversion rates, the time to conversion, the effectiveness of your lead generation campaigns and the engagement level ... 

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Fixing leaking conversion funnel

How to Fix a Leaking Conversion Funnel to Decrease SaaS Churn Utilizing Email Automation

The phrase of conversion funnel normally used when you generate new leads. But – as VentureBeat explained ... 

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user onboarding

Autoresponders Are Dead for User Onboarding – Use API-Calls Instead!

The traditional user onboarding process – user registered, got an email, on the first day got another email, on the 5th day got another again, and so on… No wonder your bounce rate is terrible. Forget it. It’s not the 20th century, it’s ... 

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